Traffic Light BCI (Brain-Computer Interface)Project 🧠🤯🖥️

For a little intro into BCI, here is a really well explained and concise 4 min read article. Check it out!


- 1 Arduino UNO R3

- 1 Breadboard

-1 Hacked MindFlex Headset. I will have another video showing how I hacked the headset and highlighting some major difficulties.

-1 Green LED

-1 Yellow LED

-1 Red LED

- 3 330 Ohm Resistors

Jumper Wires

**I would recommend buying an Arduino Starter Kit, which comes with the basic materials for your projects. Here are a couple of options you could choose from!

Urgent Use

Basic Economic

Complex Economic


-Hot Glue Gun




-Arduino IDE


-Arduino Brain Library


Note: To install the Brain library you have to put the brain folder inside the Arduino “libraries” folder. Here is a video explaining how to do so!

I did not use the resistors because I realized that my LEDs light brighter; therefore, I completed the circuit with a couple of jump wires(on the picture below wire Yellow, Red, and Green).

The Video!!!📺

Here is the code:

#include <Brain.h>
Brain brain(Serial);
const int greenPin = 2;
const int yellowPin = 4;
const int redPin = 7;
long interval = 500;
long previousMillis = 0;
int ledState = LOW;

int attValue;
void setup() {
// Set up the LED pin.
pinMode(greenPin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(yellowPin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(redPin, OUTPUT);

// Start the hardware serial.
void loop() {
// Expect packets about once per second.
if (brain.update()) {

// Attention runs from 0 to 100.
attValue = brain.readAttention();
// Make sure we have a signal.
if(brain.readSignalQuality() == 0) {

// Light up the green LED
if (attValue < 40) {
digitalWrite( greenPin, HIGH);
digitalWrite( yellowPin, LOW);
digitalWrite( redPin, LOW);

//Light up the Yellow LED
else if (attValue < 70 and attValue > 40)
digitalWrite( yellowPin, HIGH);
digitalWrite( greenPin, LOW);
digitalWrite( redPin, LOW);

//Light up the red LED
else if (attValue >70)
digitalWrite( redPin, HIGH);
digitalWrite( greenPin, LOW);
digitalWrite( yellowPin, LOW);

NOTE: While uploading the code, I find it only viable when I remove the jumper wire from the RX pin on the Arduino. After done uploading, plug the jumper wire back and turn on the headset to start.

Resources That Helped Me

Source of This Project

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Hey people! Juky is here sharing optimism, and inspirations that I had learned while exploring the world. I hope y'all enjoy my stories and follow for more!

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Hey people! Juky is here sharing optimism, and inspirations that I had learned while exploring the world. I hope y'all enjoy my stories and follow for more!

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